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We guarantee 100% recovery from all types of ransomware

Fast Data Recovery offers a No-Obligation Free & expedited Emergency Ransomware Evaluation to provide a fixed price for complete ransomware data recovery

The Ransomware Recovery Experts

YES, we are able to recover from all types of Ransomware infections including JAVA. All our work is guaranteed or your money back!

How to Remove Nemesis Ransomware and Decrypt Nemesis Ransomware – Nemesis Virus Removal Guide

Nemesis is a ransomware-type virus discovered by Michael Gillespie. Once infiltrated, Nemesis encrypts files and appends filenames with the “.id-victim’s ID_[TOR website URL].63vc4” and .nemesis to mention the few.

The HTML file contains a message informing victims of the encryption and encouraging them to purchase a decryption tool (by visiting a Tor website and paying a ransom). The cost is currently unconfirmed, however, ransomware developers usually demand the equivalent of between $1500US and $3500US in Bitcoins….read more

How to Remove Java Ransomware and Decrypt Java Ransomware – Java Virus Removal Guide

Fast Data Recovery removal guide offers comprehensive information to remove java ransomware from your server

This article aims to help you remove the newly discovered variant of Dharma ransomware virus and show you how you can try and restore as many files, encrypted with .java extension as possible without having to pay ransom to the cyber-criminals behind it…read more

The Ransomware Recovery Experts

Some of the Ransomware infections we can recover

  • Java
  • Cryptolocker / Crypt0L0cker
  • Cesar
  • Arena
  • Lukitus
  • Aleta
  • Gryphon
  • Nemesis
  • Dharma
  • Australia Post Cryptolocker
  • AGL Cryptolocker
  • FBI Virus
  • CTB Locker
  • Teslacrypt
  • Virus data recovery
  • Malware data recovery
  • BTCWare
  • Purge
  • Cerber
  • Blackout
  • Mircop
  • Locky
  • Lockrypt
  • Master
  • Onion
  • NM4
  • Emergency Ransomware Recovery
  • All Variants of Jave Ranswomare
  • +++more

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Trust the largest ransomware recovery service in Australia and New Zealand with a growing list of international clients with your data recovery


  • Guaranteed Ransomware Data Recovery Success Rate
  • Free Evaluation or Priority Evaluation for more urgent recoveries (4-24 hour response)
  • No Obligation Quotes
  • No Data = No Charge
  • Priority Data Recovery Service
  • Fast Ransomware data recovery turn around
  • Ransomware Specialist
  • 10+ years of data recovery experience
  • Hundreds of happy clients
  • International clients

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Fast Data Recovery offers an extensive range of ransomware decryption and prevention services. Click on the links below to find out more.

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Fast Data Recovery is the largest ransomware recovery service in Australia and New Zealand with a growing list of international clients.


We have a dedicated team working around the clock in decrypting, analyzing and preventing ransomware attacks with guaranteed results.


Whether you’re an individual or business who needs data recovered from a recent locky, cryptolocker, Aleta, Gryphon and the like, Fast Data Recovery has the right tools, state of art equipment and best industry knowledge for guaranteed ransomware recovery, ransomware removal and ransomware prevention.

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